About me

Hi! I’m Elena, I write code, and I live in beautiful Amsterdam.

About me

Software Developer

I’m an experienced software developer with 9+ years in the industry. I build complex scalable professional solutions from scratch and test small changes through A/B testing.

I talk with customers, lead teams, interview new developers, mentor juniors, and establish code review practices in my teams. I develop android applications on my own. I write unit tests and care about code quality.

Team Leader

I currently lead the team of 7 people at Booking.com. We are called the Geo team and we take care of all location-related stuff on the website.

As a team leader, I care about the climate in my team. I collaborate, ask for opinions, and share knowledge. And I’m making sure my team does the same.

Along with that, I lead my team to the best work they can do for the company. Prioritization and customer centric thinking are my strong skills. I talk to customers to understand their needs and wishes, and I align these with high-level business priorities.

Conference Speaker

As a conference speaker, I presented a talk about Geodata and A/B testing.

About the website

On this website I am publishing articles about my experience in software development industry. Pragmatical approach mixed with strategic vision, and seasoned with years of experience.


Read my CV here.