How I Hired Freelancers Who Went Way Over The Deadline

You know how the software developers are always mocked because they don’t comply with the time limits? Read this article about my experience of hiring a team of freelancers who went way over the deadline.

Not so long ago I hired a team of freelancers to work on a project of mine.

Everything started as it usually starts. I found several teams, some through friends and some – through a website. I met with team leaders, we discussed my requirements, we agreed on time and on a budget. I picked the team that looked the most reliable to me, they rolled up their sleeves and started to work.

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Prioritization for Perfectionists, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Non-Perfection

Are you a perfectionist? That kind of a person that can never say “I’m done”, “it’s ready” or “let’s ship it”? The one who can’t release the new feature unless it’s polished and perfect?

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The most interesting thing is “why”, not “what”

When I read an article or a book about architecture, framework, approach, or tool – I focus on “why” it was built or applied one way or another. Not “what” they did, not “how exactly” they applied it – but “why”. Read here to know “why” I think it’s important.

What interests you when you read an article or a book about an architecture of some big system, or about new frameworks, or design patterns, or some new fancy tools?

To me, the most interesting thing is why they did it like they describe.

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Someone Asked Me To Send Them My Source Code

Some time ago I started a pet project: a small Android app for placing the words cutely.

I first published it in October, and yesterday it reached 50,000 installs. I still can’t believe this number! In the beginning I wasn’t getting any downloads, and now!.. I’m very happy with how it goes.

But today, something happened. Someone emailed me and asked me to send them the source code. They wanted it so badly, they emailed me several times, and even called me on Hangouts. It seemed urgent! They needed this code! Now! This instant!

But, wait… why would someone need someone else’s source code?

I asked that person and found out: they wanted to present it as their graduate work in the university.

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Design your code for readability

So, how do you usually code?

You have a task: add this thing to that place. First thing you do – you find where “that place” is and how to get “this thing”. To do it, you read the code.
Reading happens every time you need to do something, doesn’t it? If something doesn’t work, or you need to optimize it, or add one more tiny thing, you search for the place in the code and read it again. And again.