Geo Crash Course

What do you need to know when starting in Geo as a developer? Read on to know!

For a very long time I planned to write a guide on starting in Geo. And here it is!

In this guide, I will:

  • Tell you that Earth is not flat (SHOCK!) and why that’s very inconvenient;
  • Define common terms (What’s projection? There’s also a coordinate system?.. OGC, OSM, WKT, WGS, ESPG?);
  • Teach you All Things You Need To Know™ to become a geo-developer and build things for Geo or using Geo;
  • Explain popular caveats – Dos and Don’ts – when working with Geo;
  • Give you an overview of geo-technologies, industry standards, databases, libraries;
  • Give you references for further reading.

I ran this workshop for my colleagues who are interested in Geo, and it was a great success! I hope you enjoy it as well.

Good luck with your journey around the globe!

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