A/B testing: introduction

I’ve been running A/B tests for 2 years now, and during this time I have run more than 300 experiments.
I will share with you my knowledge: I will explain what A/B testing is, when do you need it (and when you don’t), and how to utilize it to the greatest extent.

This article is based on my conference talk about A/B testing – check out the slides.

What is A/B testing, anyway?

Let’s imagine you own a webpage for selling flowers, and you have a red “buy” button in there.

Now let’s imagine your new designer tells you: hey, green buttons are a new trend in the flower selling industry. People like green more than red, red is aggressive, green is soft and persuading. Green button will be more visible on the page. Let’s make it green.

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A/B testing of geodata in booking.com – slides

I presented this talk on the ItNonStop conference in Wrocław, on November 18th, 2017.

I explained what A/B testing is and how do we in Booking.com apply it to our location-related information, such as location of museums, landmarks, beach, shopping malls, or historical areas.

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