Word Cloud: 300 000 users and their reviews

Since the first time when I managed to get users for my WordCloud app, some time has passed. Now it has 300 000 users – three hundred thousand users in three months.

The number amazes me. It seems almost unbelievable! I honestly never imagined having more than 10 000 users. It’s incredible.

Daily downloads graph - currently the average is 4000 downloads per day.
Daily downloads graph – currently the average is 4000 downloads per day.

And users are not just using the app silently. Oh, no! They leave reviews, they have problems, and they complain about everything. But sometimes – more often than not – they make compliments, and share their work, and they are grateful. And this is the most interesting and rewarding part of working on something!

Here I want to share some nice and interesting things users asked me or shared with me.

Words of love

Someone said they are going to print a picture with words of love to their daughter-in-law, put int into the frame and present it for some occasion. It’s so sweet, isn’t it? ^___^

Scrum standups

Someone found me on Twitter and told me they love the app.

Their team makes word clouds for standups. They put them on a big screen, and everyone, including non-developers, can see what the team is working on.

Daily scrum standup picture
Daily scrum standup picture

Isn’t it brilliant? Saves them 5 minutes a day.

Mugs and T-shirts

People use Word Cloud to create patterns for T-shirts and mugs. These, for example, advertise the Orkney Islands. The islands have puffins, and I find it a very happy coincidence! 🙂

A t-shirt with Orkney islands print
A t-shirt with Orkney islands print. I want one!

And several people asked if they could use the word cloud as a part of a bigger picture, like a collage or a logo.

Social network pictures

Instagram is full with the pictures 🙂

An Instagram picture about Orkney islands
An Instagram picture about Orkney islands. Seriously, I want to go there one day.
Party invitations

Birthday and other party invitations seem to be a great idea.

A birthday invitation card
A birthday invitation card. Happy Birthday, Michael!
Another picture about a pencil coloring event
Another picture about a pencil coloring event. Sounds nice!

Also – weddings!


Apparently, I help people with their homework.

Google App Store review about how the app helped with the homework

More love words

Someone told me:

The use I am doing now is to “give some love” or “show gratitude” to the people I love. I use the person’s name as big one; then I fill up with words, mostly adjectives, that I see in that person.

Another sweet quote:

…so that I could mess around with family’s names. I was looking for the PNG so I could blend it with one my family pictures. I think it would really be awesome.
I have been looking for something like this that would add another dimension to my photos.
Verses and poems

A person was trying to insert Bible verses into the app. I helped them to split the verses into shorter parts, so they would all fit the screen.

Long-time users

It’s always nice to see how some people stick to the app for a long time and continue to use it. One user edits their review on Play Store with every release and says thanks for all new features!

Google App Store review from a user, who updated the review several times

Further development questions

Many people have asked me if I’m going to port it to iOS. Yes, I’m going to… eventually.

At least two asked if I’m going to create a plugin for web pages. Also going to do it on day.

And, of course, someone wanted the source code.


I’m just so very happy and proud that my small app enabled so many people to express their creativity! And a big thanks to everyone who emailed, twitted, facebooked me or wrote a review. It helps me a lot, but also motivates me. Thank you!