WordCloud: I Got A Present!

My WordCloud app never ceases to amaze me. 1.4M installs, actual revenue coming from in-app purchases, happy users sharing their clouds with me via email and Twitter, and… in other ways too.

Some time ago someone emailed me with a question. This is a very usual thing, I get several questions per week, if you don’t count the “let’s collaborate”, “we want to buy you” or “do you want to buy us” emails. That one was an ordinary question about app functionality.

Except that it came from a couple getting married. They were called Marcos and Tati, their wedding was scheduled very soon, and they wanted to print my cloud on their wedding favors – small gifts to their guests.

Isn’t that awesome?! ūüĎįūü§Ķ

I congratulated them with all my heart. I answered their question and hoped the app will work for them.

Several months later they sent me their gifts!

I mean, how cool is that? How awesome is it to get a present from your happy customers? ūüôā

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